HOW TO: Remove and Re-Fit a Focus Mk1 rear bumper

This ‘how to’ will cover changing the rear bumper. It covers removing the Ford standard bumper, and replacing it with something such as the Ford collection bumper. Other bumpers may have slightly different fittings, but it is likely that they will fit the same, if not in a similar way.

I followed this guide on my Flight to remove and refit the standard bumper as I had a tow bar to remove.

Tools Required:
10mm Socket / 10mm Spanner Philips Screwdriver
Flat bladed screwdriver

a: Chock the front wheels of the car. Raise the back of the car off the ground and support it on axle stands. Remove the rear wheels, and then remove the rear wheel arch liners by taking out the four torx screws, an example of which can be seen in the fig 1.1 below.
b: Leave the rear wheels on, remove the one torx screw that goes into the arch of the bumper as shown in fig 1.1. Fold the wheel arch liner back out of the way.


Remove the reverse light, and the rear foglight by reaching underneath the bumper, pressing the retaining clip upwards, and sliding the lense outwards from the bumper. (fig 2.1)


With the lense pulled out, unclip the bulb holder from the wiring loom by releasing the small spring clip on the bulb holder, leaving the bulbholder in the lense. (fig 2.2)


Open the rear hatch, and remove the four philips screws from the four plugs that can be seen along the length of the top of the bumper. Once these are removed, use a small flat bladed screwdriver or similar tool to remove the plug that is left, taking care not to scratch the bumper. (fig 3.1 and fig 3.2)



Remove another two philips screws and plugs from the two brackets underneath car. As shown on the replacement bumper in fig 4.1.


Behind the bumper on each side at the top corner, is a rubber cap covering a locating pin on the bumper, and a 10mm nut used to secure the bumper in place… Pull the rubber cap off, and undo the 10mm nut above where the cap was (fig 5.1). If you’ve removed the rear wheels and complete liner, this is easier done with a socket. If the wheels are still on, you should be able to remove it using a spanner.


With the 1 torx screw from each liner, both lights lenses and bulbholders, 4 top philips screws/plugs, 2 bottom philips screws/plugs and 1 10mm nut on each side removed, have a friend help you to remove the bumper from the car by gently bending the sides of the bumper outwards enough to remove the locating pins on the bumper from the car, and pulling it off at the back.


Refitting bumper

With the help of a friend to hold the corners of the bumper outwards to prevent scratching it, offer the bumper up to the rear of the car, making sure that the four top holes in the bumper line up with the holes in the car chasis

Locate the pins on the side of the bumper with the holes in the side of the chasis. Making sure the threaded bars (fig 2.1)go into the smaller holes in the chasis (fig 2.2).



Check underneath to make sure the two brackets underneath line up ok, and insert the two plugs along with their screws

Insert the four plugs in the top of the bumper along with their screws.

Fit and tighten the two 10mm nuts on the inside of the sides of the bumper, and refit the two rubber caps to the locating pins.

Feed the wiring looms through the holes for the light fittings and plug in the bulb holders. Refitting the light lenses at the same time by simply pushing them into place.

Miscelaneous Pictures that may help

Rear of bumper right


Rear of bumper centre


Rear of bumper left


Left side no bumper. (right same but reversed)


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