HOW TO: Install fog lights in a non foglight wired MK1

This guide will allow installation of fog lights for those of you who do not have them and whose car does not have the wires in place for them.

The guide is brief so any questions please ask.

FogLight install.

Things you will need.

1x LH fog light (and surround) 1x RH fog light (and surround)

1x front foglight feature equipped switch. (2M5T 13A024 DA)

2 x H8 bulb connectors

Reel of 14 gauge twin black and red wire (3m is enough) it looks something like this.

1 x Scotch Lock T connector (or similar)

Wire stripper
Wire snips
Philips head screwdriver Electric tape
Fabric loom tape (optional) Patience
2 hours of your time

In order to reach the headlight switch wiring plug in the dash, you need to remove the OBDII panel that sits beneath the steering wheel. This in turn allows you not only a lot of room to work but also to unscrew the headlight switch and remove it. All Philips headed screws.

  1. Measure the distance between both the fog light apertures in the bumper and cut a length of wire to this length (this is WIRE A). Should be about 140cm. Strip both ends of the wires and attach the H8 bulb connectors. Black to Black and Red to Red on both ends. I soldered the connections but you can also just twist the wires together if you wish. Insulate with electrical tape.

  2. Cut another length of wire (WIRE B, about 150cm), enough to feed under the OSF (drivers side) wing and into the dash area. It doesn’t matter if you have too much wire. More is better. Splice this into WIRE A about 30cm from one end and insulate with electrical tape. The other end of WIRE B will go to the headlight switch pin 83b (red wire) and a convenient earth point (black wire).

  3. Wrap the entire wire loom you’ve just made in electrical tape and for an oem look wrap again with fabric loom tape.

  4. Get underneath the front of the car and look at the rear of the bumper. Remove blanking plates in bumper foglight aperture by pressing on tabs at rear of aperture. Install the fog lights into the bumper along with their black plastic surrounds.

  5. Plug in NSF (passenger side) bulb connector to fog light and attach the wire loom along the underside of the radiator using whichever fixing you prefer. Zip ties are a good option for this.

  6. Plug in OSF (drivers side) bulb connector to the back of the fog light and secure loose loom with zip ties.

  7. WIRE B can now be routed behind OSF wing (remove OSF wheel arch trim makes this easy) and into the drivers footwell/dash area via spare door jamb grommet. Remember to attach the black end of this particular wire to a convenient earth point. Pic below shows wire loom heading towards door jam.

  1. Nearly there. Just need to splice the red end of this wire into the headlight switch connector block. I used the Scotch Lok connector for neatness and accessibility. The wire needed on the plug is the one that corresponds to pin 83b on the switch. Tidy rest of loom with zip ties.

  2. Put everything back together.

  3. Let there be light.


Good, post i’ve been toying with the idea of doing this on mine, Might end up just seeing if i can get a front bumper in the same colour with fog lights already as mines got a few scrapes and cracks in it.


Great post and I learnt something new today, really neat installation!

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super helpfull thanks


got mine done, not too bad , found it easier to take the drivers door to feed the wire into that grommet , its only 2 mins work and makes it easier