HOW TO: Change standard wiper stalk to variable intermittent wiper stalk

Here is a handy guide to enable you to change your standard wiper stalk to the Ghia variable speed intermittent wiper stalk.

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Might have to do this on mine if its that easy!

I did it and it took me literally under 5 minutes. I bought the stalk from eBay for £8. Works perfectly. :grin:

I did this years ago, brilliant article very clear, just need to make sure you have the wire as some (I believe CL models) don’t have the loom for this facility.

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Good point! If anyone has a CL it would be interesting to see if this is is possible.

Good post,

I have used the same stalk on the last three focus’s or is it foci :slight_smile:
I have often posted this link to the facebook groups as it is a goldmine of good info.


Excellent information. Will definitely come in handy!

Such a shame he stopped updating. I have tried contacting him as he developed a mounting plate to allow use of cruise control on the 1600 engine!!!

I cannot start a topic as just joined the other day. Else I would ask the mods to add a section under workshop called information sites or modifications.

that might be a good idea for a section, i’ll talk to the others about it

I will consider a modification section, preferably entitled ‘functional modifications’ i.e. ones that actually make the car better to own like cruise control on a 1.6 - this is highly interesting!!

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Agreed modifications to make the car better.

I have a couple but need to research them.

Common problem with ST’s is the sunvisor not staying in its holder. Perhaps fitting a later one or a newer one will work, Also My height means that with it down I have to ‘stoop’ so finding a thinner one will help.
On the three door cars. The on the door panel the moulding around the release handle comes adrift. Is there a way to ‘print’ something to extend the tang so it stays on the door card. Only need a about 5 mm I think…
Both badly explained but a group mind helps develop these ideas…

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that is a problem on the 3 door trim surrounds, plastic welding a piece on springs to mind. 3D printing is also another option.

As a owner of a 3D printer they can be bloody great for that kind of thing, just a pain to model/find a model for things

Wish they were £8 still Seems to have gone up a bit since then!

That does seem a tad expensive. I have to admit to buying a used one for £8 though.