Ford Focus Mk1 Rear Crossmember change and Suspension rebuild

I have just done a rear suspension rebuild on my Mk1 Focus including rear crossmember and all the suspension arms, springs and dampers etc.
It is worth noting that as the original Ford Rear Suspension crossmember for the Mk1 is obsolete, that a Mk2 Crossmember can be fitted as long as a Mk2 rear exhaust hanger is fitted as well.
These rear crossmembers are available on Ebay for around £200.
Ford Focus Mk1 Rear Crossmember


A MK2 Subframe is always a good shout, just needs the hanger cutting welding on in a different place with a few tacks! Superb job :slight_smile:

Hi , yeah I’m saving up to replace the rear end on my 99 mk 1my only fear is that the chassi fixing points may be rotted. Anyone know if there’s a repair section for that or would they have to be fabricated I’m thinking that would be a very expensive option. Paul K

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