Ford fitted alarm going off randomly - Disconnect the lock assembly

Just discovered this over the last week on my ST170

If your alarm goes off randomly but resets. The culprit is usually the bonnet catch/lock assembly.

A temp/permanant fix is to remove the connector from the base of the lock and short the plug together with a paper clip.
The easiest way to remove the connector is to depress the connector clip and use a pair of long nose pliers to grip and wiggle it down.
Once removed make sure you tape it up or bag it and tie wrap it to something.

pics to follow. When I next take off the front grill

To fix it permanently - replace the lock assembly. I hope! Of course this depends on whether I can source one for a reasonable cost.

finis for the ST170 = 4555047 - Bonnet Latch


Great advice and I have heard of this happening down the years!