DIY Double DIN Android auto headunit install - 1.6 LX

Going to be a bit of a short post but i’ll put links to what i used and some of the things i would do differently:

Parts used:

Headunit: Sony XAV-AX3250 - has a double din screen but only single DIN behind means you have a bit more space for adapters

Stearing wheel adapter: Ford Focus Mk1 98-04 Steering Wheel Stalk Control Lead JVC CTSFO001.2 | eBay - theres others that work but this was cheapest at the time! - seems the seller has changed the listing, but i use a connects2 one

DIN adapter: - Was a bit fiddly to install but worth it

DAB Arial Adapter: - Wouldn’t recommend doing this route, i get quite spotty DAB reception, probably worth getting a proper arial and just leaving it behind the dash (might update this if i do that)

Subwoofer: JBL STAGE800BA - great little sub just enough ummf for the stock speakers.

RCA cables: RCA Cable Phono Lead Twin Stereo Audio Male to Male - Pure OFC 24k Gold | eBay
Misc cables: 0.5mm 1mm 1.5mm 2.5mm 12v Thinwall Single Core Automotive Auto Marine Cable Wire | eBay - went for 14AWG for everything

All i had to do modification wise is trim/file down a support cross beam thats behind the screen only by a few mm

think if i was to do it again it could be worth getting a new silver face plate (like this one), but they are quite pricey! and you lose the coin tray.

Works well, also added a small subwoofer at the same time which is worth it, running cables ain’t to bad for that.

This first one was with the old single DIN but it shows the wiring.

Manual for the connects2 adapter:

Finished product:

Sneaky Giha included as a bonus.

If you have any questions Do let me know!

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