Blower won't turn off // stuck on number 4

So my blower was stuck on number 4 and could not be turned off see pics melted swich control

That is a new one! Never seen that before, usually the result of ONLY number 4 to be working on the heater is a blown heater resistor. Its very possible the cause of this was the heater resistor pack blowing causing a surge around the switch. Sometimes a fuse is not blown during this.

The only instance of damage because of the heater resistor blowing is actually blowing the fuse but before then causing a localised break in the wiring loom going to the heater resistor and fan motor! Good diagnosis :grinning:


Yeah resister is in good shape no melting or burning

Freak thing new front peace £3 so few spares there clock ect

Thanks i just look round the problem and buy what it can be

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That’s the best way of diagnosing most faults. Very cheap fix! I have one of them switches as a spare myself.